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COVID-19 Statement


18TH March 2020

Good morning Caboolture Rugby Family.

Firstly, may I open with a quick thank you to our rugby family for their understanding of our club’s current situation regarding Covid19 and its impact on all levels of daily life. Unfortunately, the game we love & play is not a protected species.  I’m sure our members are now well & truly educated, even inundated with information regarding the “how to protect & practice better hygiene” to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Rugby AU and the QRU on Monday released statements regarding the immediate postponement of all Rugby activities. The key word here is postponement, at this stage the season is not cancelled. This affects all community Rugby throughout the country and currently has an end date of May 2nd, 2020. To break that down for the junior competition for example, that’s only 3 weeks of training then school holidays take effect.  It’s not much time to miss.

There are obvious questions, and we ask you to lodge these by email to your nominated team managers / coaches so that we the committee can process them in due course.

Some of the obvious ones are:

The statements on Monday clearly stated “No Training”.

Rather than provide a list of activities that fit this definition please consider the following context:

  • Does the activity challenge the social distancing and/or mass gathering guidelines?
  • Are you able to manage the hygiene requirements of participants, equipment and built surfaces?

Based on the above, Rugby Training is not possible.

Our club needs to adhere to all advice given to us by our governing bodies AND by no means look for curve balls.  So, to fall into the protective realm for our members we are.

● Turning the field lights off until further notice

● Asking all coaching & managers holding club keys to hand them in.  You will get them back, but for now we would like to remove the temptation to train.  If you have any club equipment from the training shed, please return it.

Your committee members met with me on very short notice last night.  We all agreed unanimously, to be seen taking action rather than “sit on our hands & wait and see”.  These decisions are not easy to pen, but it is all for the protection of our Rugby Family.  Again, I thank you all in advance for your co-operation.

The Caboolture Rugby committee promise to keep you informed of any future changes as soon as they are presented to the board.

Links for the statements from Rugby AU and QRU are below:




Wayne Hooper

Caboolture Rugby Union Committee Chairman.