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Womens Rugby

Caboolture Rugby Union is a champion for women’s rugby, and is looking forward to providing teams to the Sunshine Coast Rugby Union Competition (12 a side) and 7s programs.


With solid pathways to participating in the Olympics, the pinnacle of any sports persons career, why wouldn’t you jump on board?


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Olympic Pathway

Partnering with the Caboolture Snakes gives you an amazing opportunity to be part of something incredible. With a distinct pathway from Primary school sport to being selected for the Olympics, there is plenty of scope to participate in a sport that will support you all the way through.




Replicate the pathway taken by our own Melanie Wilks. Having taken to Rugby in 2019, Mel quickly got noticed being picked up by Bond Uni for the AoN7’s competition. From there Mel was selected in the QAS7s side, Queensland Reds Super W team with a break out year in 2021. This led to her selection in the training squad with the Australian Wallaroos.